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In 1986 the Spanish brand Susana Lirola was born. Created with a strong ethos of elegant design and fusing traditional Spanish craftsmanship with modern craft techniques, Susana Lirola creations are known for their uniqueness, their style, their luxury, and their comfort.

Susana Lirola Inspired by the World of Cinema. The first collection was inspired by film.

Lirola, is the founder of the Susana Lirola brand and an award-winning fashion designer. Susana was the first woman president of the Tailor’s Guild, breaking the mould and representing a new era in Spanish fashion design.


Her talent was quickly realised by her former sponsor and mentor Petro Valverde, the former president of the Tailor’s Guild of Almeria for five consecutive years.


Perhaps she is best known for her entrepreneurial talents. A strong ethos in her brand is to revive traditional Spanish style but give it an avant-garde twist. Using the latest techniques featuring laser cutting technology, elegant and delicate creations have emerged from the fashion house. The unique style has built the brand which is known for its “Made in Spain” reputation.


Behind the brand are a team of talented designers. Led by Susana, the team constantly research patterns and design both industrial and handmade. Susana, in particular, is fascinated by developments in pattern design techniques and is continuously learning and bringing this knowledge to the collections. The results are elegant, exclusive, and precious.

In 2017 we opened our workshop school, with the aim of adding value to the world of fashion and helping to create new talents. The creation and celebration of the 1st Fashion Week in Almeria is linked to this training project with great success in its first year of life.

Susana Lirola is Golden Thimble 2015, Spanish Association of Professional Image Award 2017, nominated in 2018 for the Almeria SME awards.

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Laser cut

Laser cutting has become the cutting of edge fashion design. It features using a laser to engrave and cut fabrics with more precision and intricacy than ever before. This complexity is utilised at Susana Lirola to create the perfect garment for you. In terms of patternmaking, it has never been a better time to have the dress you’ve always dreamed of.

Technology and Creativity

With the latest technology, passion, creativity, our designers push the boundaries of what’s possible. The garment we present to you would have been tested with material cuts until we were happy it was perfect. This is the dress that will make you feel special and wonderful.